The Cheapest Gaming Laptop From Best Buy

who knew that the cheapest gaming laptop from a Best Buy would be a tough gaming by Asus fancy  and it even comes with hexagons on the box which as we’ve established are the gameriest  shape but first a word from the sponsor that helped pay for the laptop today’s video is  sponsored by Deep cool and their new lt720 aios which is a 360 millimeter AIO infused  with Borg Cube technology or if you have a smaller case there’s also a 240mm version  built around deepcool’s new 4th generation high performance pump and compatibility with  all modern sockets means the Deep cool lt720 is a great choice for all your cooling needs get  yours using the link in the video description thanks deepcool for sponsoring today’s video [Music] thank you oh it’s got some Intel in it whoa there’s even more hexagons in here this really is a high hexagon per dollar product  good value terrible dad joke aside that’s pretty nice packaging [Music] look who we have under here  not going to mention it any further let’s kind of lift this bottom out and see what do we get here  we’ve got some hard drive connecting accessory action and some mounting screws which is almost  as exciting as the hexagons it’s not quite a one tug on sheath which is a little disappointing but  then we do have a very nicely sized power brick it’s 150 watts and it feels nice and soft matte  and then finally on the base of the power brick we have our Disney power port [Music]  hey would you look at that it actually looks like a reasonable gaming laptop it may be hewn  out of not very high quality Plastics and look a little more gaming than I like but for the amount  that this cost that’s a reasonable looking gaming laptop although one thing that I will say about  the plastic is that it is not a fingerprint magnet I mean it is a little bit but not nearly as bad as  a lot of laptops and then on the back we have more hexagons very good we’ve even got some radiation  warnings on here so it seems like they use plutonium or something similar in the construction  feels a bit light for something that has plutonium in it other than that it doesn’t  have a glory hole on the back which is a bit disappointing but it looks like the back is  going to be relatively easy to remove which is important on the back we have some vents  with actual heatsink behind them another good sign in terms of i o on the left we’ve got a  whole bunch of ports you probably don’t have to worry about dongles with this thing and  on the right we’ve got an extra USB 3 port and a Kensington knock that’s good let’s see does  it pass the one hand open test it does not okay [Music] it is relatively rigid to open wow that’s a bit of a poopy keyboard but at least we do have a full numpad on the side for those of  you that love to to recreationally Excel it is all pretty cheap plastic like you can feel that this  is a budget laptop just from the build quality but it does come with a high refresh rate display  which is awesome and we get a webcam but with that it’s very irresponsibly try and open this  laptop before we test it [Music] I just feel like this is already more effort than it needs to be I  know that it’s like standard or whatever to spend three hours screwing to get your laptop open but  it doesn’t have to be like this [Music] there you go there’s always some yummy crack sounds  oh it’s coming oh there’s already a clip broken off oh there we go okay um so the braking is is  out of the way that was not the nicest process but at least the back’s off and it wasn’t as  destructive feeling as it often is with these laptops that is a reasonable laptop booty it  does come with an m.2 drive in it which is awesome considering that some Best Buy reviews said theirs  came with a very slow mechanical hard drive in it so this is a great step up from that we even have  an additional m.2 slot so we can drop another SSD in here without having to sacrifice the drive in  here that’s really cool as you can see under here uh there is just a blank space so we just have  a single stick of ram which is probably gonna curb stop the gaming performance we’ll see how  much later in the video but for the price can you really expect more and at least you can upgrade it  after ruining the laptop’s Innocence but you still can we also have a reasonable looking  cooling Solution on the laptop up which is good and we don’t have particularly high power Parts  in here so temperatures may not be that bad for a laptop in terms of those specs cpu-wise we have an  Intel i5 10300h which is borderline geriatric at this point but maybe it performs fine what  we’ll find out soon enough and then we have a single 8 gig stick of RAM and finally gpu-wise  we have a GTX 1650 in here so when all said and done this may actually be able to do some  gaming okay so now I’m just gonna break the laptop back together and then we’ll do some gaming on it [Music] that is the softest power button ever damn feels like you’re squeezing into a pimple or a  Sonic wow the background on this laptop reminds me of the kind of pattern on like sneakers that  people with social skills wear it’s actually so loud so now let’s see what kind of VD we have on  here uh I miss yeah we got McAfee that’s that’s kind of standard for a device like this so you  may have to de-elma this device at some point other than that we have Adobe Express Armory  crate and then my Asus oh this is like the uh support thing so if something breaks you can  you can chat to an AI chat bot on here probably I mean honestly the whole VD situation on most  of the devices I’ve looked at lately haven’t been that bad actually I guess it’s because I  haven’t looked at a Dell Acer or HP system in a while but anyway okay so the BD situation is  not that bad and then here here we have our single eight gig stick of rabbits running at  29.33 megahertz and then here we have our 512 gig Intel pecanus SSD yeah I mean this is just  laptop stuff okay so uh let’s let’s plug a mouse into it and do some gaming [Music] this is GTA  5 at 1080p with everything on normal settings so it’s it’s basically the lowest that the game goes  and I mean it’s it’s running fine like we’re not quite making use of our high refresh rate panel  in here I I just noticed our GPU isn’t really doing anything and it seems like the CPU is part  of the problem uh you know a CPU is a beast when it bottlenecks a GTX 1650 uh but it may be the ram  configuration because again we just have a single eight gig stick of ram in here so we’ll upgrade  that in a bit but you know first we wanna we wanna try some games temperature wise it’s not terrible  and at least the GPU isn’t terrible but I guess I guess it’s because it’s not really doing much wow that that CPU really is bottlenecking the little 1650 hard it is 1650 is not doing much  and it’s it’s quite stuttery it has these moments of clarity like this  where the frame rates decent and then re really heavy starters set in so with  Battlefield 5 single player kind of worked but the moment you click on multiplayer  it crashes every time that’s the third time in a row it’s done that I’ve not seen Battlefield  5 do that before so that’s a little weird um I guess let’s try another game and then  we’ll come back to it after we upgrade the RAM because maybe that’s the problem Maybe okay it’s settling in around 30 frames per second it does dip quite readily down to about  22 24 frames per second I mean I guess it’s fine right it’s still borderline usable let me go turn  Fidelity FX on oh they’ve upgraded to 2.1 that’s fancy oh obviously that wouldn’t really help  because the GPU isn’t the performance bottleneck reducing the render resolution isn’t going to help  much because the CPU is the problem I really hope the ram upgrade is Gonna Save this laptop because  gaming performance wise it’s not doing that well so let’s let’s see let’s give it a try [Music] okay so it’s only running at 266 megahertz uh but it is dual Channel and double the amount so  hopefully we’ll be fine wow that has made a huge difference our GPU is still being bottlenecked  but we’re getting a lot more performance than we did before with our our fancy new  Ram configuration wow that it’s made such a big difference wait it’s running it like 120  frames per second now a Battlefield 5 at 1080p low settings is also very playable now I think  this is the biggest difference I’ve seen a a ram upgrade make in one of these pre-builts  before it’s essentially doubled the frame rate in Battlefield 5 when it comes to the single  player results and considering that it’s running multiplayer now it’s it’s like infinitely better  right that’s a oh that’s a big difference granted this is with Fidelity FX on quality but before  that didn’t really make much of a difference whereas now the fact that the graphics card  isn’t running head first into the CPU the whole time with low settings using quality Fidelity  FX we are getting over 60 frames per second it feels good it looks nice this is a very usable  gaming experience now and in terms of noise and temps while gaming it’s not that bad for a laptop although it does sound similar just on the desktop which is not ideal so at the end of  the day after the ram upgrade which is an absolute minimum requirement the cheapest  gaming laptop from Best Buy is actually pretty solid you get a display that won’t destroy your  retina reasonable gaming performance and decent temperatures and noise for a gaming laptop I just  wish the keyboard was less for the lack of a better word shite anyway with that thank you  for watching if you enjoyed the video consider subscribing to the channel and maybe watching  another video a suggestion will pop up in a second and until the next video bye-bye [Music]

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