Eco-drive draws power from a single source light any light not only bright sunshine but cloudy days or even artificial light Eco-drive converts light into electrical energy which is stored in a rechargeable power cell  driving the motor the gears and the hands  on a single full charge a citizen watch with Eco drive can run for over six months even if stored  in the dark resulting in never having to change your battery citizen Eco drive powered by light i’m happy to present to you the new max bill megazolar it is the design  classic from max bill from 1961 and we managed to equip it with high-tech materials so without  losing the timeless beauty and without changing its outer appearance this is the bauhaus watch  of a new century it incorporates high-tech material like titanium the watch is app  connected has a absolute precision which comes from the radio control technology  it is super energy efficient and it even has a smart perpetual calendar  so the first look is very familiar so talking about the material we produce it in titanium and  we all know titanium is a high-tech material which is used in aviation which is used in space but  also in medical instruments because it is super skin friendly talking about the leather straps  they’re also very skin friendly as the straps are vegetable tanned that means without any chemicals  and we even use the root of the robaba plant to get the tanning and if you  turn it around

you see the inner lining of this leather strap and this is made from alcantara  and you may know alcantara from luxury sports seats which is very comfortable  for what the watch can offer it is surprisingly light so this version with leather strap weighs  only 24 grams and if you take the version with a titanium milanese strap these are only  39 grams which is amazing let me come back to the energy efficiency which is really impressive so  two minutes of sunlight are sufficient to keep the power reserve going and it has a  power reserve of up to three years in sleep mode this is the new g-shock rangeman this watch brings a whole host of new  features never before seen in an outdoor connected watch it will help you explore  track your progress predict the weather and help navigate you to safety even from here now there are several gps watches on the market at the moment but the g-shock arrangement is the  world’s first solar powered gps survival watch where other watches will need to be charged  approximately every 20 hours the arrangement is continuously powered by any light source even  cloudy weather like this once activated the gps will last over 30 hours on a single solar charge  continuously tracking your location and guiding you on pre-uploaded routes which can be set  by your mobile phone now gps really comes into its own in conditions like this a white out thankfully  the range run has been tracking my location ever since i started so by activating backtrack mode  using the bottom right button i can follow the route i’ve already taken straight back to safety  the arrangement also has a built-in triple sensor which has even more features that  will benefit you whilst around here including an altimeter which displays your current height  above sea level there’s also a built-in barometer which informs you of approaching weather fronts  as well as a thermometer which provides you with the temperature around you  backtracking the route has returned me to the forest the

moment when the route isn’t  always obvious the triple sensor provides you with a compass which helps you navigate  through areas like this to activate the compass simply press the lower left button  scroll down to compass select and the watch will point in the direction that you’re facing  if you’re backtracking your route the watch will point in a direction that you need to go uh  do once the watch is paired and connected to a smartphone it can display notifications  sent by the smartphone such as messages emails or social media notifications under connected you’ll find the notification history you can choose which notifications are sent to the watch in the smartphone settings you can use the crown to open and delete a notification on your watch the watch will also show you incoming calls which can be rejected or muted using the  watch you can even receive notifications from third-party cycling applications on your watch  searching for your phone with the function find my phone you can easily get a hand on  it again if hidden you’re a basketball fan in the app you can select your favorite team  which allows you to receive the last game’s results and the next upcoming game on the watch  while the game’s going on you can select to follow the instant score as well so thank you you

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