10 Strangest Drones Which Actually Exist

we’re counting down our list of the 10 most amazing drones that will give all away your mind so sit back relax and enjoy the video number 10 Drobo Tron Drobo Tron is a large flying billboard shaped drone from the company Drobo Tron LLC from Florida this drone can be used for digital advertisement on skies for businesses weddings concerts trade shows music videos theme parks sporting events and so on using a state-of-the-art technology now promotions can be made like never before in disguise in the form of graphics logos videos and texts it has a high resolution 40 by 10 inch Luminox 360-degree LED screen which also has the feature of glowing in the dark focusing more on the advertisement displayed on the drones it has an easy-to-use PC program system which enhances its compatibility with other electronic devices the average flight time is 10 minutes on a single charge it is extremely easy to assemble disassemble and is portable with a company provided carry kit number nine volley row bolero is one of the most powerful and smartest drones available in the market today bolero was developed by a group of eleven students at Zurich University Switzerland within a period of nine months it has the unique ability to fly and move in any direction and can rotate vertically and upside down as well the drone can bear harsh conditions and is useful for gas oil and construction industries where it can creep into places which could be dangerous for human life it has incredible flight characteristics using its six individually rotating rotors and the drone can also be controlled through the hand gestures two to 360 degree rotation feature of the propellers it also has a color detector and object following feature allowing it to move depending on another object’s movement this drone does not require a gimbal due to the mounted camera and further research is being done to allow the drone to swim underwater as well number eight blimp airship this drone is from the company Egan airships and it’s a mixture of aircraft and blimp based drone that’s probably one of the largest drones in the market it weighs around 25 kilograms is 8.5 meters long and works on lithium ion batteries it has a flight time of around 20 hours of flight range of 1,300 miles with the top speed of 40 miles per hour with such high speeds large size and significant flight times it can be used for advertisements agriculture aerial photography conducting surveys mining and for other uses blimp airship will be mostly used by commercial drone industries the drone has dynamic wings which enables it to hover dip ascend or backspin quite easily the rotors are positioned horizontally which allows the drone to vertically takeoff for forward flight the rotors then rotate to a forward position and for hovering the wings rotate back to its original horizontal position allowing the drone to hover easily even with its big size the helium-filled pin structure prevents the drone from falling to the ground in case of rotor failure allowing for a more safe landing for the drone number seven spider mob spider mob is a drone that comes from the laboratory of London’s aerial robotics inspired from nature with the purging techniques similar to a spider it can stick to walls ceilings and corridors while being stable in midair spider map has a polystyrene thread which works as a web for the drone and it can shoot to purchase it has a stabilizing module at the bottom and a perching module at the top of the drone which allows it to be unique and have solid midair stability however the perching technique will only work on magnetic objects once connected this drone can move in any direction still being attached with the objects around it due to this unique feature it reduces energy consumption and saves the battery for a long flight time number six airspace LV the airspace I’ll be drone hunting drone is specifically designed to hunt down unwanted and trespassing drones which are roaming around unauthorized areas it is designed by a california-based company called airspace systems it has complex software algorithms deep learning and enhanced machine vision to detect any anomalies in the sky and hunt unwanted drones by tracking their movement and hot pursuit this drone has a Kevlar net which captures the other drones flying around once these drones are in range of the airspace Alvie drone then net is bulletproof and is made with two years of efforts these enemy drones are then brought to the ground quite safely number five hora hora is a drone based on gesture biotics and a glove controller allowing the drone to be controlled with hand gestures the drone is made by local Robo innovations a Pennsylvania based company the origin can be used for recreational purposes as well as a toy to perform different stunts using your hand gestures it allows intuitive controls simply through movement of hands with a glove with the click of a button this drone can automatically take off and automatically land as well it can race through obstacles perform 360 front and back flips and can move in any direction it’s been designed for indoor flight with a 6 axis gyro stabilization ensuring a smooth and stable flight number forms convert a copter convert a copter is a helicopter and aircraft mix shaped drones developed by a california-based company VTOL aerospace it’s 8 feet long has a wingspan sized extendable up to 12 point one meters has a massive 20 amp battery which allows almost 1.5 hours of hovering and flight time the size of the converted copter is a larger than almost any commercial quadcopter available today the design of the converted copter is basically vertical takeoff and vertical landing and has a closed wing tilt rotor that combines the hovering takeoff and manoeuvring abilities of a helicopter with vertical flight abilities of aircrafts maximizing the efficiency speed and energy consumption a converted copter can be used to mainly for surveillance patrol police search and rescue operations and oil and gas mining operations number three eagle ray xav the eagle ray xav is developed by researchers from North Carolina State University and Teledyne scientific the drone is 59 inches long and weighs around twelve point six pounds it has a unique ability to travel in the air on the surface of water and underwater as well as the name suggests it behaves like an eagle and can fly right into the water directly and also source straight out of the water with pressure its propellers allowed the drone to sink under water easily and this drone can be very helpful for underwater life research for example tracking the movements of marine life dolphins and to observe their daily routine and habits number two ionic mit plain as the name suggests the drone is developed by engineers of MIT University it’s a lightweight drone that has some no batteries no moving parts and is fueled by ionic wind only this design is very simple and is environmentally friendly with the no fossil fuel consumption and emission this concept is from the 1920s known as electro aerodynamic thrust which illustrates that a thrust can be produced when a current is passed between a thin and thick electrode number one Robo fly roba fly is the world’s first insect shaped drone developed by engineers at University of Washington this drone has converted the science-fiction of insect shaped drones into reality due to its small size it can fit into small spaces and travel large distances with a longer flight time it can be used to check-in gas leakages inspection of crop fields then Robo fly works with a photovoltaic cell placed on top of the drone that absorbs the laser lights and converts it into electricity which is used as the fuel for the drone thanks for watching which drone did you find the most impressive and why let me know in the comments section below subscribe now and be my friend I’ll see you guys in my next video

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