Best Drones Cheap ! Showcase Friday Ep 1

welcome to unmatched value so don’t judge me too harshly on that video i did my best i wanted to show how fun these things actually are and uh this was my like first big video edit so don’t judge me anyways uh battle drones ah before i get to that i’m starting a new show on my channel called showcase fridays so i’m gonna be showing off things like this uh and um anything else i find interesting and it’ll go on as long as my budget allows when if it gets popular it’ll go on indefinitely uh so yeah if you want to see more uh go ahead and subscribe where i can do it for you you need this in your life i’m just gonna do a favor this the like is for me this this this is me doing you a favor yep and the bell for the notifications you’re welcome i’m just kidding sadly i cannot subscribe for you’re gonna have to do it yourself if you decide that this is interesting enough uh yeah if i could if only I could um yeah so anyways these drones are super fun i’m shocked that i’ve never heard of these before i’ve had the first phantom phantom 2 phantom 3 dji mavic air bebop 1 and 2 both of which sucked and various chinese drones over the years but i’ve never heard of battle drones and these it’s not like this is a new product they’ve been around for several years so i’m kind of shocked and i think it’s a conspiracy um yeah anyway to the drones uh so uh the battle function doesn’t work in direct sunlight they are 2.4 gigahertz so they can be flown outside but uh in the shade it does work but not as well as indoors uh the beam length is about three meters so it’s a pretty decent distance and it’s you know about this thick so you’d want you might want to set up like an obstacle course for the battles um so when you hit the first one uh the drone will shake second one it rotates third hit it flips and on the fourth hit it’ll rotate down and land also it’ll land if you run out of battery power or uh you fly too far so you don’t want to fly it over water because it will land in the water they are very sturdy my wife has never flown a drone before this one and first of all she did like these which is surprising because she’s not really a techie person um but she did prove that these are very sturdy she’s dropped this one from 20 feet at least onto gravel so it survived and the last tip the batteries don’t charge them right away after flying let them sit and cool off a little bit before you charge them that way they will last a lot longer um you get about seven minutes of flight time and i’ve been flying these uh pretty often for the last month to do the video and for my testing and the batteries are still holding about seven minute flight time there’s three speed modes you can do and honestly the third one’s a little too fast and then they can do like little flips and stuff the usual you know these little drones can do but what’s unusual about these is they have the battle mode so i will link these to amazon where i got these but they’re sold out currently you can check to see if they’re back in stock if not i will link it to aliexpress because uh the brand is on the these is actually holy stone so that’s the company that made them and they actually sell straight to amaz aliexpress sorry and i’ll link to their store so it’s pretty safe to buy the only thing is it’s gonna take a while for the shipping um oh and uh so in the boxes you get a manual screwdriver and extra props and then these mine came both were red but then they had a blue uh shell in the packaging so i just switched one yeah uh also they do not have cameras so i know i recorded it with made it seem like there’s a camera but no i was just recording with my dji mini so they don’t have cameras something i want you to know so you’re not mad later anyway uh thank you for watching uh if you liked or subscribed awesome see you next time i have a nice block of what i’m gonna be reviewing uh next friday so that should be exciting thank you and have a great day

Best Drones Cheap ! Showcase Friday Ep 1

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