foreign is more than just a fishing drum it’s a powerful underwater photography and video platform power array is an intelligent underwater robot designed to let you see the world as never before  explore under the waves before you jump into the water they can dive down to 98ft and has three operational modes for beginners  experienced pilots and Professionals for underwater Photography use power Ray’s  powerful 4K UHD camera with a wide angle lens  it can record video in real time at 4K 25 frames per second  while the unique LED lighting illuminates the water export the photos and videos to  your computer if you are an explorer who loves traveling and sharing your memories power raise  real-time streaming in 1080P allows you share your stunning moments to Facebook WeChat and Instagram power race power seeker can be used as a  standalone device just switch your app to fish finding mode  power Seeker will alert you when there’s a group of fish helping you catch them like a pro  get detailed information on where the fish are the depth of the water and real-time battery life array visualizes your fishing experience even if you aren’t  an experienced fisherman power Ray and power seeker can take you to the next level power race VR goggles offer real-time immersive fishing experience for you or with your friends  at the same time give someone else control as you can switch between controlling power array  or just observing to enjoy the freedom of swimming underwater without jumping in the gesture-based  VR goggle offers you hands-free control and provides you a stunning fpv underwater experience  in addition you can utilize power array for underwater exploration and ice fishing put the controller in your hand and discover what else power Ray can do introducing Dory we successfully brought Gladius mini to Market winning the Red Dot product  design award now with Dory we’re making waves all over again with its small size  premium features and surprisingly low price point Dory connects the Aquatic world to the  masses so serious adventurers and fun Seekers can explore both in and out of the water  The Genius of Dory lies in its compact size and portability there’s no bulky remote meaning less  gear to haul instead you simply control Dory with your phone using the intuitive chasing Dory  app the person who loves bringing technology and family together Dory makes it easy for anyone to  use even kids and of course Adventure Seekers are all about Dory with Dory in your backpack  there truly are no boundaries Dory is ideal for those who love to share their Adventures on social  media the ability to easily post and live stream makes it a win-win for people who want to capture  the moment for all their friends and followers to see death lock lets you dive and remain at  the precise depth you want so you can either idle or cruise with maximum stability 45 degree tilt  lock mode mimics the up and down movement of the human eye providing the perfect angles to scan  the ocean floor or pure up at the Crystal Water above with its hydrodynamic design and shark-like  precision Dory can reach depths of over 49 feet and with two built-in 250 Lumen lights you can  find and capture exactly what you’re looking for the high-end camera has a 100 degree field  of view for expansive photos and video and it’s F 1.6 wide aperture lens is ideal for a low light  situations with 8 gigabytes of storage capacity we even created an optional waterproof Dory backpack  customized internal compartments its unique shape quality materials and waterproof zipper perfectly  match the attention to detail given to its cargo with Dory it’s in full glorious View and commanded  by you join us and explore the next generation of aquatic Wanderlust join the chase chasing Dory foreign foreign foreign ‘s Ford thinking design team have created a one-of-a-kind streamlined appearance power dolphin has improved the fish finding system comes with a newly designed fishing bait container that can accurately release base  with power Dolphins you have a new way to Fish by dragging your line behind you instead of your  traditional fishing work allowing you to tow back catches from the safety of the shoreline  or your own boat it has a 132 degree wide angle lens equipped with a headlamp and four levels of  brightness you can preview and record phishing via the front camera power dolphin is not only  useful for fishing but also a marine search and rescue it has three different speed levels life jackets and other life-saving devices can be delivered safely and released by the  remote control function it can be operated with the included controller for your very  own smartphone both of these formats have one touch return to home built in power Dolphins smart sonar system can be used to generate the topographic  map to the most complex underwater environments including the ocean floor it comes with an interchangeable battery and a  Micro SD card it has a running time of approximately two hours how a dolphin can reach speeds of up to 16 feet per second it is equipped  with a unique dual joint rotating camera allowing users to see above  and below the water surface with a 215 degree wide viewing angle  12 megapixel camera shoots at 4K 30 frames per second with real-time streaming at 1080p HD


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