21 SMART Profitable Business Ideas for 2023

– If you’re anything like me, you probably have (pop sounds) a million different ideas buzzing around your head every second of every day. You’re thinking about different ways to make money online, different ways to make money from home, or maybe different ways to make money while just traveling the world. But there’s probably a little bit of doubt going on. You’re wondering, well, are these actually gonna work? Can you really make money doing this?

I’m not sure, should I try it? Well, in today’s video, I’m gonna share with you not one, not two, not five, but 21 different smart business ideas that are proven, that work, you just need to put in the work. Now, full disclaimer, these are not get rich quick, these are not get rich at all, and also, these are not surveys and little things like that, these are legit real businesses that you can get started with today.

So when I was 14 years old, I remember my parents telling me that I need to get a real job. And this was actually the first time I had ever heard that term, real job.

And I wasn’t about to go wait tables or bust tables, which was pretty much the only kind of jobs I could get as a 14 year old kid. So, I started brainstorming. What are some cool things I could do? I had thought about painting houses or dog-walking and even babysitting. Then one day I was riding my BMX bike, full mullet, just flopping in the breeze, and I passed this ginormous mobile home park.

And that’s when the light bulb went off. It hit me, well, people want shiny mobile homes, don’t they? So, I decided to start a mobile home waxing business. Now, this was my first attempt at being an entrepreneur. I was so excited.

See, at the time, they didn’t have things like Kinko’s. I had to actually go and manually print with a hand crank, hundreds and hundreds of flyers that I drew on a piece of paper, mobile home waxing, call, whatever number it was at the time, and I think I was charging something silly, like $10.

Well, how many calls do you think I got? (clock ticking) You’re right, zero. Not one person called me.

Why? Well, my idea simply wasn’t proven, nobody else was doing it, it was stupid. But I knew that I needed to prove to my parents that I could do this. And I needed to prove to myself, hey, I’m an entrepreneur, I can do this. And just like I rode past that mobile home and got this brilliant idea, this time, I was driving through my own neighborhood, and I noticed all of these landscaping trucks.

Like every couple of houses, there was a different truck. And they were pulling weeds, and they were mowing lawns, and they were sweeping, and they had crews of five-10 people all over the place doing all this type of work. And I was like, huh, that looks pretty cool, I could do that. And I didn’t realize at the time when I was doing, but I was basically taking an existing business model that was working and putting my own spin on it.

So, what I started doing was going down to every house of everybody I knew in the neighborhood.

Knock, knock, knock. “Hey, Mrs. Jones, “can I mow your lawn for half the price of these guys?” “Hey, Mr. Smith, can I pull your weeds “and throw in a free lawn mowing service for the week?

” I mean, I just came up with all kinds of stuff. And I knocked on hundreds and hundreds of doors until I got a few people that said, “Yeah, we’ll give you a shot.” See, I took a business model that was already proven, I took some of my existing skillsets, because I love to work in the yard, I love to get my hands dirty, and I took a proven business model, and I just started knocking on doors. I knew I wasn’t gonna get rich and I wasn’t gonna get rich quick, but if I stuck with it, it was determined to work, and it did. So, lucky for you guys, I’m gonna be sharing with you, 21 different business models.

Now, don’t worry, you don’t have to go knocking on doors and mowing lawns, and you certainly don’t have to go out and wax mobile home. Make sure to stick around to the end because although number one might not be a good fit for you, maybe number five or number 10, or number 15 is. You have to think about where your skillsets work and how you could apply these to these different business ideas that I’m gonna share with you right now. All right, guys, I’m gonna start going through these in no particular order. The first one’s not gonna be any better than the fifth or the 10th or the 21st.

These are all great business ideas. Again, these are smart, these are proven, you just need to put in the work.

All right, number one on our list is consulting. Maybe you like business, maybe you are into social media, you enjoy running your social media accounts, watching them grow. Consulting could be a great option for you.

There are tons of people, small businesses, entrepreneurs like myself, who are looking for people to manage their social media account. Maybe I’m looking for business help, running my taxes, things like that. So, although you may think it’s a small task, it’s not, and people will pay you for it. You can go to places like Upwork and Freelancer, and there’s tons of great consulting opportunities available. Next up, is online reselling.

So, if you are passionate about fashion or maybe you have a bunch of old clothes lying around, there is a great, great demand for online reselling. Of clothes, jewelry, shoes, you name it. And two great websites to get started right now for online reselling are, Poshmark and Mercari. I’ll pop those up over here and over here, and that way you can go check them out and get started today.

Number three, on our list is online teaching.

Now, I’ve talked about this in the past. This is a great, great opportunity for you to teach a different language, to teach English. This could be to children, it could be to adults. And all you need is your computer, tool like Zoom. There’s also places like Google Hangout, where you can do live video chats.

And there’s also tons of resources for free online. If you simply search up tutoring workbooks or English learning workbooks, there’s tons of great information out there, to help get you started. And as you grow, you could bring on other people and tutor more students. Number four, online bookkeeping. This is an insane way to make money and get started guys online.

If you’re good with numbers, if you’re good spreadsheets, tons and tons of small business owners, entrepreneurs like myself, we’re always looking for good, honest bookkeeping services. Start with your friends and family, start with local businesses and take it from there. Number five, a medical courier business. Now, there is licensing and stuff that would need to be involved here, but there is no special education or college involved. You would need to check with your local area where you live, what the laws are and how it works.

But basically what you’d be doing is, is transporting things like, specimens, tests, maybe even medical equipment. So take a look at it, medical courier. This is a great opportunity, and maybe it’s in demand in your area, take a look. Number six, app development.

If you’re experienced in technology, maybe you already like designing apps, tons of people are looking for apps from large corporations to small corporations.

I know Google Chrome extensions is a big one. A lot of entrepreneurs create their own extensions as sort of a freebie to give to people before they might purchase their larger products or services. So, lots of companies, lots of entrepreneurs, again, go to places like Upwork and Freelancer, and also look for app development opportunities. There’s tons and tons of opportunities out there to develop apps, and you can do it from home, from anywhere and do it as a consultant or a freelancer. Number seven transcription services.

This is an amazing, amazing opportunity to either work for another company or again, to start your own small business as a transcriptionist. And there are tons and tons of opportunities out there available. Working as a freelancer, starting a business, maybe freelancing for a specific company, large or small. And as you begin to grow again, you can hire on more people, take on more jobs, it’s a great, great opportunity. Number eight, do you like to organize?

Well, believe it or not professional organizers are in high, high demand.

I know myself, I need a professional organizer ’cause my place is a mess. But organizing offices, organizing children’s bedrooms and toys rooms, closets. People will hire you to come to their home and organize. We did this years ago, when we first moved in.

We needed someone to help organize our kitchen cabinets and all the clutter. And although we didn’t pay a huge amount for it, but had we had a larger home with more rooms and things to do, it could have been a much bigger project for this individual.

Think about it, maybe you have a niche where you only focus on closets. Maybe you only focus on children’s rooms. Maybe you only focus on kitchens.

21 SMART Profitable Business Ideas for 2023

This is a great opportunity. If it sounds like you, take a look. Organization professional. Number nine, cleaning services. Guys, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, cleaning offices, cleaning houses is an insane way to go.

Now, one of the keys here is to have excellent customer service. You have to be organized, right? It’s not just, oh, I’m gonna clean the house and be done with it. Treat it as a business and look at what other businesses are doing. Look at what successful businesses are doing.

I started a window cleaning business several years back when I was driving for Uber, and I just started knocking on doors. And what separated me from the other window cleaners is I was a professional. I had a uniform, I took credit cards, I didn’t just take cash, I had a website. So, those little things made me stand out from the guy just walking down the street, knocking on doors.

So, think about it, how could you be different?

Maybe you’re a green cleaner, maybe it’s student cleaners. So many different ways you can do it. Number 10, are you creative? Can you write? Tons of opportunity out there for content writers, copywriters, ghost writers.

So, you might be thinking that, well, I’m just a good writer, I enjoy it, I have fun, maybe you have a blog. Well, it is an extremely in demand skill and you can create a very, very good thriving business. People pay 40 to $50 an hour to have blogs written, to write articles, profiles, you name it. Check it out. Number 11, home care services.

So again, make sure to look into your local laws, all those sort of things, because I’m not guaranteed that you could just start up this business. You’re gonna need licenses and things like that. But home care services, right? For people that maybe were injured or for the elderly. This is a big, big business.

So, if you’re a people person, you have a big heart, you love to help out, look into it.

It’s a great opportunity. Again, check with your local area for the exact types of licenses that you need for this. You also may need things like CPR. But hey, home care service, this is a great opportunity.

Number 13, digital marketing. Maybe you’ve started your online business and you’re familiar with how to do email automation. You’re familiar with building websites. Maybe you’ve run some Google ads or Facebook ads. Again, lots of small business owners that need help with their digital marketing efforts.

There are still tons of mom and pop shops out there that haven’t really adapted to the online world and they need help. Number 14, I love this, and it’s gonna take a little elbow grease, pun intended, and it probably is gonna take a little bit of capital to get up and running, but a food truck.

Food trucks are huge right now. And maybe you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business, maybe you wanna start your own restaurant, but you don’t wanna quite go full into the whole brick and mortar setup. Look into starting a food truck.

You can buy used food trucks out there. Just go into places like Craigslist and search food truck.

Again, check with licensing and everything in your area. This isn’t for everybody, but it’s a great opportunity for the right person. Number 15, one of my favorites, lawn care services.

I talked about this before. You’re probably thinking, well, there’s tons of people already mowing lawns and doing landscape work and pulling weeds, all kinds of stuff. Well, think about how you can differentiate yourself or be better or do it different in your area. Depending on maybe you lived in the West Coast or South or East, wherever you may live, how can you stand out in the marketplace? What can you do different?

Number 16, Rideshare driving. Now, before you say, “Okay, we get it, Uber, this” Well, I know a lot of drivers that started for Uber and Lyft and actually went on to start their own private driving services, as a limousine or even airport shuttles. So, again, this is a great opportunity. Maybe you start in ride sharing, but then you grow into offering airport shuttle services. You’ve already got the clientele in the backseat of your car, you could start asking them questions like, “How often do you travel?

” “How many times a week “are you going to the airport and getting picked up?” “How much do you spend on a month doing this?” And you can start to collect data and build your business around that.

Number 17, a very, very good business and a business that will always be in demand, real estate. Yes, you’re gonna have to get a license to do this, but maybe you’ve been thinking about this.

And now watching this video is making you wanna revisit being a real estate agent. I have several friends that are real estate agents and they absolutely love it. And it’s all about you as a person. You have to grow your personal brand and really stand out, and you can do fantastic as a real estate agent. And the great thing about being in real estate is, it doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 61 or 101, anybody can be a real estate agent, because there’s a market out there for everybody.

Number 18 on our list, graphic design. This is a great, great one. Like I talked about earlier, there are a lot of businesses out there that don’t even have websites, believe it or not. Or they have websites and quite frankly they’re just crap, right? They’ve downloaded a template, put their name on it, and they need graphic design, they need help, and this is where you can come in.

Start knocking on doors in your local area. Start with local friends and family, do a couple of jobs for free to get some testimonials and then start taking it from there. A great way to stand out in graphic design or web design is to have a niche. Maybe you only help restaurants, maybe only help doctors, maybe only work with gyms, maybe you only work with pet care. Try it out.

Number 19, t-shirt printing. Now, I’m not talking about one of those online done for you.

I’m talking about actually hands on the machine printing t-shirts. This is a huge, huge business, it will always be in demand. Sure they’re gonna be people that buy online, but you also have again, lots of local businesses in your area that want t-shirts printed for different events, sporting teams.

Think about who you know, what do you enjoy right now, and maybe this is a good opportunity for you. You can buy secondhand used t-shirt printers on places like Craigslist for a couple hundred bucks to help get you started. Number 20 on the list. And I don’t talk about this too much, but I thought I’d throw it in here, is drop shipping. Now, one thing I wanna say about drop shipping is, you have to be very careful with this.

This takes a specific type of person, because drop shipping can get costly, but if you’re smart about it and you find an in demand product, you find even better a problem that you can solve with this product, you can do very well, you just need to be smart about it. But it is an excellent business model when done the right way.

And last on our list, something that I actually thought about doing, many, many moons ago, and I still think to this day, it’s a great, great business to start, but it’s pet sitting. Pet sitting is in high, high demand. People do not wanna send their dogs to a doggy daycare.

Why? Because dogs are getting sick, dogs are getting bit, or dogs are just simply sad and lonely and people love their dogs, right? Their pets are like their children. So, you could offer an in-house service or maybe even take the pet to your house.

The way you could stand out is sort of make it a luxury service where you only take one pet at a time, and you charge a little bit more.

So, think about how you can kind of separate yourself from other people in the area. But this is a great opportunity. Again, you can start with local friends and family, get yourself a good website, social media account, and you’re gonna have a great, great thriving business here.

Hey guys, Judd Albring here, and thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this, please like, subscribe and share with a friend.


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