5 New Business Ideas For Beginners 2023

i’ve been starting businesses since i was made homeless at 15 years old now i have more money  than i’ll ever need and i’m going to show you how you can do the same by building a business  of your own and the good news is you don’t need any money to do it hi guys i’m simon and i’m  going to give you five business ideas that will make you millions and no i’m not going to tell  you to fill up pokemon cards at garage sales or sell you a course or a book yo this is wild  this is wild no matter your age language or experience you can learn to build a business  of your own stick around to the end of the video to see how you can get help for free  to start your business okay so why should you start a business of your own  and should you start a business of your own given what’s going on in the world today believe it or  not more people becoming millionaires today than ever before the trouble is the school system has  let us all down and we were never taught how to find these opportunities and turn them into a  business of our own so think of this as the education you always needed but never had  starting your own business might seem daunting at first but i promise you if you learn how to do it  it’ll be a lot easier than working for someone else think about it as the world becomes more  and more advanced think how technology is going to replace what humans do today there’s  driverless trucks ai that could diagnose what’s wrong with us better than any human ever can  amazon have just launched a store that doesn’t require any checkout counter stuff you just walk  into the store grab your items and walk straight out in fact even normal everyday jobs don’t pay  enough for people to barely live on and that’s not right nobody deserves to only earn enough just to  get by so with all that being said here are five business ideas that you can start even with no  money the potential for making even more profit gets bigger as we go down the list so don’t miss  any of them and hit that subscribe button if you don’t want to miss out on future videos just like  this one the first business idea is a car cleaning service with a high-end twist i noticed in certain  suburbs of london and actually every major city around the world there are very wealthy people  with very nice cars that are just parked on the street and you know what you could do you could  go and start offering an at-home car cleaning service and you can start it straight away by  simply knocking on someone’s door saying hey your car looks dirty and i’m going to clean it for you  and before you know it you could have hundreds of clients paying you a monthly subscription  to clean their cards for them every single month now i think a key to this is getting subscription  advanced payments so 50 deposit which will give you the money you need to buy the equipment you  need and that allows you to also hire people because one of the things that’s key to building  an idea like this is learning to build a workforce or even later robots that can do this for you  now remember if you go and do this idea charge properly do not underestimate how much people will  pay to save them time and that’s what you’ll be doing with this service for a business idea like  this don’t forget to try and automate everything as early as you can that way you’ll never have  to ask for money from them again once they’ve signed up for the next idea we’re stepping into  the metaverse now you’ve probably heard facebook recently changed their name to meta it’s just the  beginning of a whole new revolution and you should be aware of it i was around when the internet  started and i missed the opportunity to build a business in the internet because everyone told  me it wasn’t going to last and i believed them do not believe the meta first is just a fad it’s an  opportunity for you and here’s the business idea in the metaverse i think you should do  right now a lot of people are looking to buy land and property in the metaverse it’s still  less than two percent of the population but huge huge opportunity and where’s the gap  what’s the opportunity for you where is the meta first estate agent that’s the opportunity you can  be the company that helps people find that land i know myself right now i’m running entrepreneur  house i’m looking to buy land in the metaverse and it’s so complicated you could be the next big  property agent in the metaverse so how do you go about doing it well the first thing  is do some research and it’s not that hard go online start being a part of those communities  watching platforms like sandbox and decentralized land understand the cryptocurrencies coming out  based on those property opportunities see who’s buying what build up a database that will take  you a week once you understand it then you can start offering the service to people and it is  literally a tweet or a post saying hey do you want to buy land in decentralized land or in sandbox  or in the metaverse i will help you contact me and as people contact you you can charge them to help  them understand how it works that’s it guys it’s that simple and i bet you this is a billion dollar  idea the next idea is around nfts and crypto now i’m sure you’ve seen lots of videos about what is  an nft but just in case you haven’t very quickly it’s a non-fungible token it basically means the  actual item itself cannot be replaced it is unique saved on the blockchain which forever means it’s  tied to the person who is registered to on the blockchain and it can’t be hacked what’s happening  in the nft space and i’ve been deeply involved in the last six months is that if someone creates an  nft or has an nft for sale there’s only a few ways that they can let people know about it and  i think therefore there’s a huge opportunity for someone to build a marketing system for people’s  nfts now when you first hear this idea you might think openc is the competitor to this but if you  understand the nuance of this idea they’re not in fact open c all they’re really doing is giving  people a chance to list their nft they’re not helping them outward bound push it and market it  and there is the opportunity now if you like this idea one tip i’m going to give you straight up is  it’s not as hard as it sounds to start do this test go on twitter and do a post who’s got an  nft i can buy you watch how many people respond if you go on my twitter and have a look last time  i did this i had a couple of hundred people comment there’s your client base right there  there’s the people you can help right there you’ve got one end of the market sorted within an hour  so stop thinking you need lots of money to start a business because you don’t you just  need a twitter account now for this next billion dollar business idea i’m gonna have to use code  to make you understand what it’s all about it’s a five letter word beginning with c and if i say it  we’re gonna get blocked so i’m not allowed to say the word so let’s just say colin the idea is about  colin do you know what i mean you want to go to a party right you want to go out and see your  friends you want to go to events and not feel like you’re going to meet colin right so how about a  business where you guarantee there’s no collins at that party there’s no collins at that event  i know business people friends of mine own billion dollar events that presently cannot  run them because they cannot guarantee there’s no calling at that event this idea initially can  be quite small you can say to your friends i will do a test on people as they come into your party  and while that test is playing out the 10-15 minutes while you wait for the result  they’ll wait in a quarantine area and then once they’re approved you’ll let them into the party  and you’ll charge per guest for this now initially it’s manual but imagine how big this could get  if you could guarantee that 70 000 people plus stadium you can run tests on all of those  people before they come into the stadium is then therefore a way to bring these events back to life  you’ll generate billions of dollars in every part of the world’s economy now the fifth business idea  worth at least 10 billion dollars if not more is a crazy concept electric cars are meant to  be making the planet greener but there is in fact a hidden dirty secret from this industry  right now there are electric cars being produced by every single major car manufacturer  what’s happening is no one’s got a plan as to what to do with these electric batteries when they die  it is literally a dirty secret in the industry there is even rumors that there are ships at sea  right now with these dead batteries and no home to place them so what did someone recently do  in germany when he could no longer use his tesla because the batteries died he blew up his own car  he made it into a whole massive youtube video of him blowing up his tesla because he got told  it was going to cost 22 000 us dollars to replace the batteries in his car  so he blew it up and actually you know what that solved the battery crisis now i’m not saying  blow up car batteries but you could build a business that does that so why not build  a system to disintegrate destroy eradicate car batteries now i’m sure a lot of people will get  into the technicalities of why that might not be possible but just thinking that way thinking  about a problem what the solution might be could put you on the road to figuring out how to solve  this big problem that’s coming our way that the big car companies have not it we love helping  people with ideas to reality that’s why we built something called entrepreneur house a place you  can come and stay for free you even get free food you get mentorship coaching advice support from a  network of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs links are below or you can of course ask us any  questions in the comments and we’ll always help you take your idea to reality anyone could be an  entrepreneur and if you like this video you’re gonna love this one click here to watch it now

5 New Business Ideas For Beginners 2023

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How to Find Business Ideas – The Ultimate Guide (2023)

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