Passive income business ideas 2023. New vending machines for business

Hello, friends! In this video, we will tell you about some highly profitable business ideas with  elements of passive income. You will learn about new fascinating vending machines for businesses. Vending Machine Café The idea is to establish an automated food outlet,  where vending machines perform all the work. Such a café can work twenty-four hours  a day and serve great numbers of people.

You will only need to replenish the machines  several times a day with fresh semi-finished products. You can either buy pre-made products  or set up your own kitchen wand hire a chef. Today, there is a huge number of vending machines  that can be used as an automated café. Let’s now review some of the most interesting ones,  for instance: RoboBurger We’d like to introduce a vending machine for making fresh burgers.  It’s essentially a mini-restaurant with a robot chef.

It has an automatic grill, toaster oven,  refrigerator and other features that let you make burgers right on the spot in less than 6 minutes. Just like a restaurant chef, the robot uses five sequential steps when cooking. Grills a patty,  toasts the bun, dispenses the selected condiments, assembles the burger and delivers it piping hot. This vending machine can make three kinds of burgers. The owner of such a mini-restaurant will basically generate a passive income.

All he/she has to do is  fill the vending machine with fresh products. Vending machines for cotton candy It is known that cotton candy is a good and highly profitable product in terms of business.  To make cotton candy more attractive and increase sales, sellers color it and even learn to form  it into different shapes (hearts, flowers, etc.). The Chinese have taken this process a step further  and automated it, having developed machines that make the shaped cotton candy automatically.

  All you have to do is to choose a preferred figure on the display,  and the machine will do it all in a few minutes. What is also important is that the whole process  of making shaped cotton candy takes place in front of people, which serves as a kind of show  that attracts people going by. Продаются такие аппараты и на Mini bakery Meet BreadBot,  the first bread baking machine of its kind. The machine is only 3 by 1.5 meters in size.

 The system mixes, forms, bakes and cools bread by itself, fully controlling the baking process. Developers are planning to install similar bakery machines in grocery stores,  making the baking process transparent, which could revolutionize the baking industry as we know it. Indeed, if someone opens a store in an area where aromatic bread is baked  in front of the customer’s eyes, there will be no shortage of them. Such a system can be operated by an ordinary sales clerk; no technical knowledge to manage  the bakery is not required, and the interface is simple and intuitive. Once the dry mixture is added to the receiving hopper, the process becomes fully automatic.

  The operator will get the first message when the mixture volume is enough for baking  and a second message when the bread is ready. It’s a genuinely great idea that entrepreneurs  should definitely consider! Pizza Vending Machine Pizza is another undisputed leader among fast food products.  And it can be sold 24/7 at a pizza machine. Its estimated capacity is 100 pizzas.

 Pizzamats can be divided into two types: those that reheat ready-made pizza  and those that cook pizza from scratch. In the first case, the ready-made half-finished  pizza is placed in the oven to heat up.

And in less than 3 minutes, it is ready to be served. In the second case, the necessary ingredients are put into the machine. The machine makes  the dough itself, using the built-in dosing and mixer units, and bakes it in the infrared oven,  along with the ingredients the customer has chosen.

The whole process lasts about 5 minutes. Mochi Ice Cream Machine It is about a delicious Japanese dessert  called mochi.

Passive income business ideas 2023. New vending machines for business

The Japanese love it so much that it is even sold in vending machines! Mochi is made from rice, or rather – glutinous rice flour (mochiko), water, and sugar. Ice cream,  chocolate or fruit are used as toppings/filling.

Mochi vending machines have the designs of slot  machines. They have refrigeration chambers, which contain capsules with dessert.  The customer has to put a coin into the machine and fish out the mochi with the desired flavor. Hot Dog Machine With these machines, you can  make fresh hot dogs in front of your customers. The process itself is quite simple.

The machine  heats up the sausage on the grill and places it in the bun. Next, it either  douses the hot dog with ketchup and mayonnaise or hands out sticks with them to the customer. The entire cooking process takes less than a minute. Hot dogs have proven to be a well-loved and time-honored product.  So if you decide to open a vending café, having such a machine in it is a must.

 Self-service coffee shops It is not a typical coffee vending machine,  but a coffee point with contactless payment, a professional coffee machine,  quality coffee beans and a variety of syrups. Next to such a point, anyone can try himself  or herself as a barista and create his or her own author’s coffee drink. Thus, the customer gets a fine cup of coffee just as good as in an expensive café,  but for considerably less money. The owner of such a coffee shop  only needs to keep it serviced and refill the necessary ingredients from time to time. French Fries Vending Machine French fries are so popular as  a fast food product that they don’t need any advertising.

 You can also make and sell fries using a vending machine. There are machines that cook potatoes both deep-fried, and machines that cook  with hot air without the use of fat. In the machine, potatoes are stored in  the freezer, in the form of semi-finished products.

Once the order has been placed,  100 grams of potatoes are served in the built-in oven for cooking.  In just 45 seconds we have a freshly made French fries with sauce.

The profits are at least 200%. Robotic Ice cream Machine Near such a machine, a robot will offer the  customer several flavors of soft-serve ice cream, support the conversation, and help make a choice.  While communicating with the customer by voice, it will quickly accept the order and offer to pay for  it. Payment can be made in cash or by bank card. The manipulator arm will fill the cone with the  selected type of ice cream, add toppings, and give it to the customer.

In the end, it will thank you  for your purchase and wish you a good day! The whole action has a certain wow effect,  as people like to watch the robots, meaning that the machine will generate good income. Thanks for watching, my friends! Leave a comment on which business idea you like the most.

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